Today’s homes are built with a sharp focus on minimising the amount of energy needed to keep them warm in the winter. This is of course a good thing; however heavily insulated homes can become uncomfortable as the weather warms, and their air-tightness can lead to a stuffy feel and a host of other problems associated with a lack of air movement.

This doesn’t mean that we should go back to poorly insulated and draughty homes, but it does make home air conditioning and ventilation systems a more important consideration than ever before.

We have been installing home air conditioning and ventilation systems since 1994. Our expertise in this field has resulted in an unrivalled understanding of the precise requirements of this market, from initial design considerations, through to our quality installations and friendly after-sales care.

Home Air Conditioning

Gain precise control over the temperature of the rooms within your home, all year round.

Home Ventilation

Keep your home fresh by continually changing the air within, with virtually no loss of heat!

Air to Water Heat Pumps

Offer low-cost hot water for your home that can be used for heating or provision of hot water.

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